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PREDATOR PEST CONTROL SERVICES’ humble beginnings can be traced back to the year 1998 when its proprietor, Mr. Ferdinand A. Trance started to carve a future for himself and his family. It was in that year that he passed his licensure examination as a bonafide pest control applicator.

From its humble beginnings, the company’s primary objective to render exemplary service to clients has never faltered. To date, their clientele has grown and is still growing. Not only services business establishments and individual residences but corporate accounts as well, namely, various properties of the Mega World Land Corporation, First Oceanic Property Management, and locators of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority.

To maintain the best quality service that it can render, the company established PREDATOR PEST CONTROL AND GENERAL SERVICES INC., which keeps abreast with the latest technology and innovations in the field of pest control and other general services such as deep cleaning and disinfection.

Predator Pest Control Services also seeks to deliver services with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit of excellence through its employees. Our staff is made of a dedicated team who strives to deliver the company mission statement. With these ideals which serve as a driving force behind us, we know that Predator Pest Control can best service your requirements as a company with integrity.


To be a representative brand in the field of pest control and general service, all while maintaining a great working relationship with its employees and clients alike.


Predator Pest Control Services is a service-oriented company which seeks to service clients in protecting their properties against various elements which may wreak havoc their homes and business establishments. Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to delivering effective, efficient, high-quality service with integrity. While continuing the pursuit of innovation into creating a healthier, safer environment for everyone.

“The Pest Control Expert You Can Trust”

“With our expert commercial pest control services, you can protect your business from unwanted pests and ensure a clean, safe, and pest-free environment for your employees and customers. Contact us today for effective pest management solutions!”

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“Say goodbye to pesky pests with our expert pest control services. Our effective solutions ensure a pest-free environment, protecting your home and loved ones. Trust us to eradicate pests swiftly and efficiently. Call us now!”

Best Solution

"Reliable and effective pest control services to protect your home and business. Say goodbye to pests with our trusted solutions. Satisfaction guaranteed!"

Guaranteed protection

"Ensure pest-free surroundings with our guaranteed protection! Expert pest control solutions for a worry-free environment. Contact us today!"

Expert Team

"With our efficient and dependable pest control services, you can say goodbye to pesky pests and protect your home and peace of mind today!"

Quality Service

"Say goodbye to pesky pests with our efficient and reliable pest control services. Safeguard your home and peace of mind today!"


Jake Chiu
Jake Chiu@jakechiu
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I highly recommend Predator Pest Control Services to anyone in need of pest eradication and prevention services. Their professionalism, expertise, and outstanding customer service make them a top choice in the industry.
John Doe
John Doe@johndoe
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Overall, I would recommend Predator Pest Control Services for their prompt response, knowledgeable technicians, and effective solutions. While the minor scheduling issue was a slight inconvenience, their professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction make them a reliable choice for pest control needs.
Ron Trace
Ron Trace@rontrace
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The pest control treatment itself was highly effective. The technicians worked efficiently, ensuring every nook and cranny was treated. Within a few days, I noticed a significant reduction in the pest activity, and soon enough, they were completely gone.

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